Safety First Group is the pre – eminent integrated safety group in Sri Lanka. It is the only safety company that gives you a total safety solution and an efficient delivery to the comfort of your home or workplace. Our services include custom made safety products for complex situations that you cannot find anywhere. To speak to one of our safety officers for custom made PPE or Industrial Safety Product call us on 0773878073

Safety First group was incorporated in 2007 but since then due to the high demand of Personal Protective Equipment and excellent customer service the company has developed and branched out in to manufacturing, training and home/office delivery.

The group comprises of five companies which are as follows.

  • Safety First PVT LTD is the fastest growing market leader which supplies branded and certified personal protective equipment’s and industrial safety products at value for money. The company lives up to its promise of same day delivery to any part of the country. For bulk order please call our hotline for special discounts or visit our showroom in Colombo 05


  • Safety Wear is the only personal protective equipment and industrial safety product manufacture in Sri Lanka that uses state of the art technology and research center to manufacture high quality industrial wear for the local and export market. Our products include high visibility jackets, chemical resistant clothing, Uniforms, gloves and other custom made safety products.


  • Safety First Learning Center the non profit making wing of the group which is affiliated to the Charted Institute of Environmental Health UK works closely with the Sri Lankan Government and the United Nations.
    This institution helps the private and government sector in implementing safety policies, audits, training etc. It also works with local  schools to create safety awareness programs


  • Krasiv Industries PVT LTD is the pioneer in Sri Lanka in manufacturing non woven bags made from the finest Virgin, Non Woven, Lead Free, Polypropylene material. dubbed the world’s most popular green product used for the manufacture of shopping bags, a new generation of environmentally friendly material, with moisture breathable, flexible, lightweight, non combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic ,non irritating and available in rich colors, low in price, recyclable, tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good air permeability, can be used repeatedly, machine or hand washable. The introduction of this local manufactured products has helped reduce polythene use.

The group office is based in Colombo whilst the manufacturing plant is situated outside Colombo so is the learning center. This is to capitalize on the comforts of nature which makes our learning center unique. Giving you a peaceful learning environment where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the town and concentrate.

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